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Editorial: Browning in Suffolk 3rd District

Photo credit: David Pokress | Newsday

Newsday endorsed incumbent Kate Browning two years ago, calling her a valuable voice in the legislature for this working class district. She still is.

Browning, 52, a member of the Working Families Party from Shirley, has made ensuring the district doesn't become a dumping ground for sex offenders her signature issue. She's been a force for deploying electronic shot spotters where needed to allow police to pinpoint gunfire. She won legislation directing social service officials to develop standards for sober homes used by recovering addicts. And she's working with housing groups to rehabilitate foreclosed homes and sell them to first-time buyers.

Republican Susan Sineo, 49, of Manorville, is an insurance broker and civic activist. The issue that animates her is compost facilities and her conviction that they're harming residents' health. Her knowledge of the issue is exhaustive, and she's a forceful advocate. But that's not reason enough to turn out an incumbent so attuned to her district. Newsday endorses Browning.