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Committed to preserving the Environment

Kate is fighting to protect our environment, including the Forge River, Yaphank Lakes, Beaver Dam Creek, Artist Lake and Carmans River, and to preserve open space.

  • Secured funding to shares costs with Army Core of Engineers on remediation of Forge River.
  • Creating protection zone to prevent development in Forge River watershed.
  • Fully funded a three year study that resulted in community plan to clean up Yaphank Lakes. ($250,000)
  • Preserved over 200 acres in Beaver Dam Creek Watershed, including Marist Brothers Parcel. Initiated air quality testing that confirmed major health concerns at Long Island Compost in Yaphank and other facilities.
  • Calling on state for air quality standards to be created.
  • Throughout her two terms in office Kate has preserved over 700 acres, which the county has invested over $37 million to accomplish.
  • Completed storm water project for Forge River and moving forward on one for Yaphank Lakes.