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Public Safety

Kate has used her role as Vice Chair of Public Safety to advocate for more police officers on our streets.

  • Secured funding to install Shot Spotter (gun location system) in North Bellport for five years. Shot Spotter pinpoints gunfire within 3 meters directly to police within seconds.
  • Installed security cameras throughout crime hot spots.
  • Integral in having the Suffolk County Police Department’s Seventh Precinct become fully staffed.
  • Prime sponsor of a law that makes it illegal for sex offenders to live within a ¼ mile of day care centers, playgrounds and schools. This was the first of its kind in New York State.
  • Created a program through probation that uses GPS ankle bracelets for the most violent offenders.
  • Passed a law that makes it illegal for sex offenders to go to general population emergency shelters in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster.
  • Sponsored pending legislation to regulate pre-paid cell phones, which are used by drug dealers, gangs and terrorists to remain anonymous from law enforcement.