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Quality of Life / Housing

Kate Browning is a staunch advocate for reforming the social services system and how it houses needy families. She also passed tough laws that deter new rentals and increase home ownership throughout our communities.

Kate is also leading the fight to close down unregulated sober homes and remove them from residential communities, while creating real accountability for organizations that manage these facilities.

  • Sponsored the first sober home regulations in New York State. Regulated homes divert taxpayer money away from badly run homes and provides good beds for those in recovery.
  • Strengthened the County Crack House law to address nuisance homes in the community.
  • Aggressively pursues housing code violations and slum lords. Effectively evicted dozens of problem renters and shut down unregulated sober homes.
  • Sponsored tougher auction rules that prevent speculators from flipping properties into rentals.
  • Took over 100 parcels off the county auction block and transferred them to non-profit housing organizations that rehab homes and sell them to first-time home buyers.
  • Sponsored graffiti laws to prevent spray paint from being purchased by underage kids for the wrong reasons.